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$11.2 million verdict in Orange County on behalf of a client that was financially harmed by a financ ...
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At Layfield & Wallace, APC, we have earned a reputation among our peers in the legal profession. Other attorneys come to us for help because they know that our South Bay personal injury lawyers get results. When other lawyers feel that their client's case is too difficult, they often send the client to us as a referral, and we are happy to take on the challenge. In fact, our attorneys have won more than $70 million in the form of insurance settlements and jury verdicts for our clients. We can attribute our success in large part to the fact that we are sincerely dedicated to helping our clients during their time of need, and we have proven our ability to fight aggressively inside and outside of the courtroom time and again. Take a moment now to read through some of our most notable results, and then contact us for a free case evaluation.

$11.2 million verdict in Orange County on behalf of a client that was financially harmed by a financial scheme involving bank instrument fraud.

Element Capital V. Dakota Holdings, Inc., Global Business Systems, LLC, Matthew Anderson, and Claudia Lopez - Attorney Philip J. Layfield was lead trial attorney on the case, with Attorney Christopher Walton as second chair. As a result of their extensive experience, persistence, and thoroughness, The Layfield Law Firm was able to expose Anderson for running a fraudulent scheme, as well as the framework for which financial manipulations were committed against victims, including Element Capital. After litigating the case, Attorney Layfield secured an $11.2 million verdict. This successful resolution not only ensured that justice was served and that Element's losses were recovered, but also that future potential victims would not fall victim to Anderson's deceit.
$5.225 million verdict obtained in bank instrument fraud case.

TOTAL ACCESS PAYMENTS, INC V. MBI, ET AL The Layfield Law Firm obtained a $5.225 million verdict in a recent case. Their client, Total Access Payments, Inc., had lost $1 million in a fraud case. After two years of investigating the details of this situation, the firm was able to discover who was responsible for defrauding the client. After a seven-day trail in the Orange County Superior Court, the client was able to receive a verdict in their favor.
$4,187,760.70 Judgment in Favor of the Plaintiffs

TAGC I V. Edward Eugene Lehman, et al. The Southern District of New York awarded a $4,187,760.70 judgment in favor of the Plaintiffs, represented by Philip J. Layfield, Esq. Mr. Layfield overcame international jurisdictional issues to aggressively prosecute the third largest law firm in China, ultimately obtaining terminating sanctions against the defendant after extensive motion practice.
$1.5 million arbitration award

The heart of the dispute was that the firm’s client did not want to transfer partial ownership of a joint venture to a former business associate, despite having agreed to do so in writing. The client’s interest was valued at $1.5 million. The Judge eventually ruled that the firm’s client would not be required to transfer ownership to the former associate.
$975,000 Settlement for Victim of Excessive Force by LAPD

ROSALES v. LAPD - The Layfield Law Firm was successful in securing a $975,000 settlement on behalf of a client who was shot several times with a bean bag weapon by LAPD officers. Our firm was able to highlight the LAPD's excessive use of force and their attempts to conceal evidence.
$300,000 Settlement for Shooting Victim

JOHN DOE V. FAST FOOD RESTAURANT The Layfield Law Firm obtained a settlement of $300,000 for our client who was shot six times at point-blank range at a late night drive-thru. The Layfield Law Firm uncovered evidence that this shooting was not the first at this fast-food establishment, and that the restaurant failed to provide adequate security for its patrons despite knowing that the location was in a high-crime area.
$50,000 Settlement for Car Accident Injuries

SHEPHERD V. MCCORMICK The Layfield Law Firm successfully negotiated a $50,000 settlement for a client injured in a low-speed collision in a Costco parking lot less than a week before the case was set to go to trial. Through extensive medical records, the Layfield Law Firm was able to show that Plaintiff's shoulder was severely injured in the collision, preventing him from working for nearly six months.
$50,000 Settlement for Bicycle Accident Victim

HATFIELD V. REHART The Layfield Law Firm successfully obtained a $50,000 settlement for our client who was struck and catapulted over a car while riding his bicycle just days before trial. Through relentless advocacy of our clients credibility, the Layfield Law Firm was able to obtain a settlement from the defendant who disputed responsibility for the incident for over two years.
Premises Liability Case Settles for $65,000

McFADDEN V. HARKHAM The Layfield Law Firm was retained to pursue claims against an apartment complex for the injuries suffered by a tenant who slipped and fell down an unlit and inadequately maintained stairwell. Ms. McFadden suffered severe dental injuries, a split lip as well as lasting back and knee injuries. The case settled for $65,000 when it became clear that the Defendant's had notice of the poor living conditions from not only our client, but from the City of Santa Monica, which had previously cited them for the lack of repairs prior to our clients injury.
Car Accident Case Settles for $80,000

COX V. LEE The Layfield Law Firm successfully negotiated an $80,000 settlement for a client injured when the Defendant's vehicle ran a yellow light, attempting to make a left turn directly in our client's line of travel, causing a T-Bone collision. Through extensive medical records, the Layfield Law Firm was able to show our client suffered a ligament tear in her right hand, preventing her from performing basic daily activities as well as her vocational courses.
$137,000 Settlement for Industrial Accident Case

RITTER v. CROWN DISPOSAL COMPANY The Layfield Law Firm obtained a settlement of $137,000 after substituting into the case on the eve of trial for our client who suffered severe and lasting injuries including vestibular dysfunction and vertigo as a result of an industrial accident exposing our client to an explosion-like noise. The former attorney missed numerous deadlines, failed to properly designate experts and generally failed to uphold their obligations to their client. As a result of creative legal maneuvering, we were able to tip the scales in our client's favor. After settlement of the lawsuit, The Layfield Law Firm has decided to commence a legal malpractice lawsuit against the former law firm for their negligence in handling the matter.
Pursuing Claims in Assault Case

JORDAN V. HALE The Layfield Law Firm has been retained to pursue claims against Brian Scott Hale and Brent Davis for the brutal beating that occurred on September 22, 2011 outside of Busby's Bar in Santa Monica. This case was featured on KABC, KCBS, and KTLA television news, as well as in the Santa Monica Mirror. The two suspects are currently in jail, being held on $1M bail with pending charges of attempted murder. The Layfield Law Firm believes the assailant's employer, an Arizona moving company, was negligent and that the attackers were in the course and scope of their employment when the assault occurred.
$325,000 settlement for pedestrian accident.

PFINGSTON v. MOORE - The client was struck by a plumber truck as he waited at a bus stop. The defendant, who was driving closely behind the car in front of him, struck the victim when he swerved off of the road and onto the curb to avoid colliding with the other car. The Layfield Law Firm obtained a $325,000 settlement through mediation.
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