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At Layfield & Wallace, APC, we have earned a reputation for taking on even the most challenging cases and winning. In fact, a significant percentage of our case load at any given time consists of injury claims that have come to us as referrals. Our South Bay personal injury lawyers have become well known throughout the region for having the necessary resources and the willingness to effectively handle the challenging cases that others shy away from. Unlike many firms that specialize only in the cases for which there is already a well-grooved path of litigation, we frequently represent clients in cases that require extensive time and effort to investigate and prepare for trial.

This approach has earned us the sincere appreciation of many clients who were turned away from other firms because their cases were "too difficult" or "had no chance of winning." We believe that if you have been injured or have lost a loved one as a result of another person's negligence, you have a right to financial compensation and justice, and we are ready to fight for you. Our attorneys do not simply take on easy car accident cases and routine workers' compensation claims. We handle claims that require exhaustive study of the evidence and of case law, and which very often go to a full jury trial. With our meticulous preparation and aggressive representation, however, we are often able to achieve settlements out of court because the counsel for the defendant realizes that we have the arguments and evidence necessary to convince a jury to rule in favor of our client.

Examples of Cases We Handle

While we do handle ordinary personal injury and wrongful death claims, we also have many examples of cases that other lawyers would not take on because they believed the cases were not winnable. One is a premises liability case in which our client was shot six times at point-blank range at a fast-food restaurant. By demonstrating that the restaurant was negligent in failing to install adequate security measures in a high-crime area, we won a six-figure settlement for our client.

In another case, we won a substantial confidential settlement for our client after he was attacked by a former world heavyweight champion boxer while working as a paparazzo at Los Angeles International Airport. We have also recently undertaken representation of a case in which our client was brutally attacked and sustained life-threatening injuries at the hands of two young men who were in Santa Monica while working for an Arizona-based moving company, and we are pursuing compensation from the employer on the grounds that the men were acting in the capacity of their employment at the time of the attack. No matter how difficult you think your case may be, contact us now for a free consultation to discuss the matter and find out whether you have grounds to sue!

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