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South Bay Dog Bite Attorney

About the California Dog Bite Law

Nearly half of the states across the country apply the "one-bite rule" in respect to dog bites. This rule dates back hundreds of years to the English common law, and it essentially allows the dog's owner to escape legal liability for injuries caused by the animal when the dog has not previously bitten. Unless the dog has a history of vicious behavior or aggressive tendencies, the victim of the attack cannot claim damages. California takes a different approach. Under the dog bite law in this state, the victim of a dog bite can file a personal injury claim regardless of the fact that the dog has never before bitten or acted like it wanted to attack.

Dog Bite Claims in the South Bay

Under the California dog bite law, the dog's owner is considered to be legally responsible for the animal's actions, and is expected to exercise care and vigilance to prevent the dog from attacking others. It is possible to file a claim based on an attack which occurred in a public place, as well as for bites occurring on private property under certain circumstances. If it happened on private property, you will have to demonstrate that you were lawfully present on the property, whether you were there as a guest or if you were exercising a duty imposed upon you by law. When handling cases of this nature, we work to approach the case with sensitivity to the fact that the dog's owner may be a friend or relative of our client. We do not, however, back down in our efforts to get the insurance company to pay the amount that our client deserves.

Landlord Liability for Dog Bites in the South Bay

In addition to filing an injury claim against the owner of the dog, it is also possible under certain circumstances to pursue compensation through a premises liability claim against the landlord who owns the property where the bite occurred. The landlord may be held liable for the bite if his or her negligence allowed the bite to happen. For example, the landlord may have failed to evict the tenant despite knowledge of the dog's history of vicious behavior, or might have neglected to repair a fence or gate which should have restrained the dog from getting out where it could attack. When you work with a South Bay personal injury attorney from Layfield & Wallace, APC, we will explore all available options for recovering fair compensation for your injuries. Whether the attack took place in El Segundo, Hawthorne, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach or Torrance, we urge you to contact us now for a free case evaluation!

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