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South Bay Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Who is responsible for a motorcycle crash?

According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), 9,625 people were injured in motorcycle accidents statewide in 2010 alone, in addition to 347 riders and passengers who were killed. Who is to blame for causing these tragic accidents? According to widely accepted research into the subject of motorcycle accidents, automobile drivers are responsible for a large percentage of all motorcycle crashes. In 1981, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published the Hurt Report, the result of a 5-year investigation into the causes of motorcycle accidents. Among other things, the report found that three-quarters of all motorcycle accidents are collisions between motorcycles and automobiles. Further, it demonstrated that two-thirds of all such multi-vehicle motorcycle accidents are caused by the driver, not the rider.

When a car driver causes a collision with a motorcycle, the incident is normally attributed to the driver's failure to observe the approach of the motorcycle. Drivers frequently violate the rider's right of way as a result of being distracted by talking or texting on a cell phone, while adjusting the car stereo, due to visual obstructions presented by the automobile's body frame, or because they simply do not look. The Hurt Report states that the most common type of motorcycle accident occurs when the rider is approaching an intersection while traveling in a straight line and the car driver cuts the rider off while making a left turn.

Motorcycle Accident Claims in Manhattan Beach, Hawthorne, Torrance and Redondo Beach

At Layfield & Wallace, APC, we recognize that a motorcycle accident can have devastating consequences for the rider and his or her family. Whether you want to file a personal injury claim after being struck by a driver, or want to file a wrongful death claim after losing a loved one in a motorcycle accident, we encourage you to contact us now for a free case evaluation. A South Bay personal injury lawyer from our team can meet with you to determine whether you have grounds for legal action, and to estimate how much your case may be worth in compensation.

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