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South Bay Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Fight Back Against Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment places you in a difficult situation. You do not want to be treated that way, and you may feel degraded and ashamed. It can interfere with your job performance, and it can cause problems in your personal life. You may feel worried that if you speak out about it or say "No," you will suffer from retaliation or might even lose your job. Fortunately, this difficult situation is not one that you have to face alone. You have powerful rights against sexual harassment, and a South Bay personal injury lawyer from Layfield & Wallace, APC can help you exercise those rights.

Monetary Damages for Sexual Harassment

Employees have protections against sexual harassment under both state and federal law, and it is possible to pursue legal action not only to put an end to the harassment but also to recover monetary damages for all that you have been forced to experience. These can include damages for past and future medical and psychiatric expenses, past and future loss of wages, and damages for the emotional distress which you have suffered. It may additionally be possible to recover punitive damages, and to pursue compensation for wrongful termination if you were fired for speaking out about the harassment.

Forms of Harassment

Sexual harassment can occur in a variety of different ways, and both women and men may be the victims of such harassment. It may take the form of unwanted flirting or sexual advances, or it may proceeds to offers of promotion or a pay increase in exchange for sexual favors. Sexual harassment includes threats of termination unless sexual favors are rendered. It is even possible to pursue a sexual harassment claim when you have not personally been the target of the harassing behavior but have been forced to work in an environment where lewd or inappropriate behavior was occurring.

Don't Let Sexual Harassment Go Unreported

Speaking out about sexual harassment takes bravery, but our team of attorneys is ready to help you. By taking action now, you could not only recover financial compensation and hold the harasser accountable for his or her actions, but you could also be protecting others from suffering similar mistreatment. You can expose the actions of the other party, as well as setting an example to encourage others to speak out and to discourage those who think sexual harassment is acceptable. Contact us now for a free consultation. We serve clients in Manhattan Beach, Hawthorne, Torrance, El Segundo, and Redondo Beach, and we urge you to take action!

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