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Racial Profiling

Discrimination by Law Enforcement Officers

If your race or ethnicity played a determining role in your arrest, traffic citation, or other criminal conviction, a civil rights case can be made on your behalf. Racial profiling is generally defined as discrimination based on stereotypes and it's a term that is used specifically to refer to actions made by law enforcement officers. The broad term has been defined in a number of ways, the most common of which include:

  • Incidents in which law enforcement officers take into consideration a person's race or ethnicity to determine how they will intervene.
  • Incidents in which the actions of a law enforcement officer are motivated by a person's national origin, race, or ethnicity; not on the behavior of the person who may or may not have been engaging in criminal activity.
  • Incidents in which persons are stopped, questioned, and / or searched by law enforcement officers solely because of the person's skin color, ethnicity, etc.

You're not guilty by association!

The color of your skin, the origin of your nationality, and the beliefs of your religion cannot be used as reasons to take criminal action against you. You are not guilty by association! Under no circumstances do these factors give law enforcement officers the right to arrest, harass, or otherwise take action against an individual who has not exhibited signs of criminal activity.

Law enforcement officers who make stops and / or arrests for racial reasons do not advertise that they are doing so. Rather, they typically use flimsy excuses for their actions, i.e. your car registration expired last month. These weak excuses are then used to conduct strip searches in the hopes of finding more incriminating evidence against the "suspect."

Prohibition of Racial Profiling in 2003

In 2003, the United States Department of Justice identified racial profiling as not only wrong, but dehumanizing. Within the tenets of the department's declaration to ban racial profiling were:

  • The routine duties of a patrol officer must be conducted free from consideration of race.
  • Stereotyping certain races as more likely to commit crimes is prohibited.
  • Relying on generalized stereotypes is forbidden.

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